Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Along with my plan to create more, I’d also LOVE to use up at least some of the scrapbooking supplies I already own. Lets face it, I have a mountain of them, and don’t want to even think about the investment I’ve made in them. I can even admit to being a out of control paper hoarder (which is the first step in healing). I don’t know what it is about paper, but it seems that when I get my hands on some that is ridiculously cute I have a hard time using it. I want to be sure I have just the right pictures, or stamps to use with it…. I don’t want to regret using it all up and then running across pictures that would have looked better on that “rare paper“. I really need to change my mind set, and regret all the cute paper I own that is still in it’s packaging and not in my scrapbooks.
I have a dear scrapbooking CTMH sister (who I will not name to protect the innocent) that has a different problem then me. She can cut her rare paper and create beautiful pages,but then can’t bring herself to put pictures on them….. I don’t get it, I can't even cut my paper, but if I could, I'm sure I find the right pictures to slapping on them and filling up my books, for me it's the cutting of the paper that is so hard. I only wish we lived closer to each other so we could somehow help each other with our sicknesses.
Below is a layout I made using some of my most rare and favorite paper (which really is rare, called Cocoa Café Collection from a special Close To My Heart had a few years ago). I feel really good about it! The pictures are perfect, the subjects are worthy, and it shows off a great memory. When Savanna got her puppy Gabby who was a “Labradoodle” we went to my friend Judy’s house and had a Labradoodle play date. Gabby and Calypso had so much fun playing together in a doodly way. It was a few days later that we found out that Gabby is a Kuvasz and not a doodle. But this layout will always remind us of her fun doodle play date.


  1. Hey..I know someone like that!! I love the new blog and the fabulous pages! Perhaps I will create a new blog and try to cure my own could be like blog therapy!

  2. blogging therapy... that's what I'm looking for! You should join me. Not that I'm saying you have a need for it. :)