Saturday, January 21, 2012

Well, Hello CHAIRS!

It's been months since I've darken the doors of my local Salvation Army. But yesterday I was feeling something calling me from deep inside the store.
I walked around and first found the cute swivel yellow stool.
Other then the layer of dirt and wobbly back it was perfect.
Then I found the cute pink and yellow chairs. It was love at first sight! One of the chairs was "recovered" with fabric and cat hair which I promptly removed when I got home and found the yellow vinyl seat was still in great condition.
A little citrus cleaner and elbow grease and I have three new retro chair in my craftroom!

Not sure why, but the pink is two different shades of pink.
Maybe one lived in the sunlight for years.

They look right at home!

I also got this great salt shaker, which is now a prisma glitter shaker.
And the picture which I really wanted just for the frame,
but now the picture is starting to look cute to me.

What did I pay for all this you ask?
An unbelievable $17.00!

That also included a road atlas and two other books.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

New Kind Of Crafting

Lauren broke into a new sorta crafting area for us. Using a friends Cake Cricut, Lauren started with making sugar cookies, which came out very yummy, but were frustrating to make.
So she stepped it up to gum paste and that's where the magic began. She made this beautiful yellow butter cake with a raspberry layer. So pretty and so yummy.
Test flower

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Retro Birthday Card

I love all the funny retro birthday cards with pictures of days gone by.
I have boxes of those types of pictures and have decided to print copies of them and start making my own humorous retro cards.

The picture isn't great, but this is a birthday card for my life long friend Cindy. It's a picture from the 70's at one of my birthday parties. (in the photo I'm on the left and Cindy is on the right, and some unknown girl is in the center)

The card reads:
We'll always be friends...
The inside says:
Except for that shifty eyed girl.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dog Memory Wall

I've been wanting to do this project for YEARS.
I LOVE dogs! I LOVE them and always have a small pack running around my home. Anyone who's ever loved a dog knows how hard it is when one of them dies. I always keep their collars because, for me, they hold all the memories of that dog.
I've also kept the muzzles that my retired racing Greyhounds came off the track with, along with the plastic racing collar... for me it's a reminder of what that dogs past was, and to give them just one more hug each day.
All these memories have been hanging on a peg board in my laundry room, but I really wanted them to be part of memory wall.
The new memory wall is still in my laundry room, but now it's a display that brings back lots and lots of happy memories every time I walk into the room.

Autumn and Bear (Greyhounds)
Cresta (Greyhound)
I used the Close To My Heart Cricut Cartridge (Art Philosophy) to cut the file top tabs. Printed the dogs names on the tabs and attached them to chipboard coasters. I modge podged to attach the dogs pictures to the front of the coasters, I also applied two coats of modge podge to the front of the photos to help protect them. The jump rings are just attached with hot glue and make them easy to hang with just a tack from the wall.

It's not a piece of art, but it makes me smile.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Kissing Balls & Paint Chip Hearts

Ahhh the crape paper kissing balls. I found these on Pintrest and fell in love. They are pretty easy to make, but came out to be heavy which I wasn't expecting. Hanging them took a little more then just the tack I was imagining.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find brown crepe paper streamers? I was ready to run around town, but shockingly found them at Walmart, on clearance no less. What a great day!
I used Close To My Heart ribbon to make bows to hang them from. I just pushed them into the balls with large hat pins.
The next project, also from Pintrest was the hearts cut from paint chips. I used my Cricut and cut the hearts in 3 different sizes from shades of pink and brown.

Then I put them back to back and zig zagged them together in long streamers. Scott hung them for me in the corner of the my craftroom along with a copper mesh fruit basket filled with pine cones and pink balls.

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