Saturday, December 31, 2011

Post Christmas, Christmas Post

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
We had a joyful family time, AND it was a white Christmas...
which is rare in New Mexico.
I wanted to post a few pictures of some of the things I made over the season,
and some of our Christmas family fun time that for whatever reason I didn't get posted.

I saw this wreath on Pintrest,
made with white feathers. I found the red glitter snow flakes at Hobby Lobby,
and used them for my front porch decorations.

This is also a Pintest idea.
Melted snowman ornament.
So simple, salt, pepper corns, and orange paper cone nose.
Lauren and I made a dozen of these... cute!

This is my old Christmas tree.
We put it out on the front porch with gold balls,
and the red glitter ornaments.
The tree got to enjoy one of our 5 December snow storms
when the wind blew the snow into the porch.

Savanna, Lauren, and her boyfriend Justin
spend an evening making gingerbread houses.
Christmas Lunch
We had prime rib, ham, mac and cheese, cream of spinach,
salad, cheesy potatoes, passoli and Birthday cake.
All the cousins!
We were also bit by the "elf on a shelf" craze.
Lauren had seen posts on Pintrest and asked my why we didn't do that?
I thought that because my girls were 20 & 14
we were past that stage in our Christmas celebrations.
But Nooooo..... Lauren and I took the elf (from my childhood)
and the fun began.
I have to say that Lauren and I were the only ones in the house who found the fun in it.

Army men tied the elf up.
Elf got crazy in my craftroom with the wrapping paper.
Elf in the freezer with snowballs
(this is when he first started to wear the sweater).
Elf baking cookies.
Elf tied to the train tracks under the tree.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To watch a beautiful Christmas card being created.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Table Scape

This year my Christmas/ Hanukkah table scape is done in shades of blue and silver.I always include the large wall mirror that hangs in my dinning room. I've also moved up to the light fixture and around the corner to the niche just outside the dinning room. I'm really happy with the color choice and I thankful for my daughter Lauren for climbing up on the table and dusting the light fixture and doing such a great job decorating it.
My Cricut was smoking while I was making all the blue and grey birds for the mirror. Oh how I love my Cricut!

I love my little vintage snow babies!

Look at all those blue birds. Thank you Cricut!

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Christmas Has Come

The trees (3 of them) are up and the snow is falling.
I've done my "table scape" that includes my wall mirror and light fixture.
I also made a Christmas (Noel) banner that is reversible with winter (snow) on the back side.

Below is a reminder of how I attach the paper with a liquid glue and then sand the edges to get a perfect clean look.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday Wishes

When you place a minimum order of $25 in My Acrylix® stamp sets in November, you can purchase a new D-size Holiday Wishes stamp set for only $5! That’s significant savings off the full retail value of $17.95 US. And here’s a bonus: many of the images in the set coordinate with our Cricut® Art Philosophy cartridge for added cutting and stamping fun!

Dates: Offer valid November 1 (9:00 am MDT)–November 30 (11:59 pm MST).

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Seeds

I found this cute idea on Pinterest. I made up a few for Savanna to give to her teachers tomorrow.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Craftroom Makeover DONE!.... mostly

I started searching for my "craftroom style" a few months ago. The space I was crafting in was out of control. In fact I often called it barbaric crafting conditions. I had so many supplies, but nothing was ever where I thought it should be. The room really went against my "everything in it's place" lifestyle. It was going to be the death of my creativity.
I know I'm very blessed to have a whole room for my crafting addiction.... but I was a very bad steward of the space. I'm more then happy to say that the makeover is DONE, and I've been using the room for a few weeks and it's a pleasure to create in it.

Let us first review the barbaric conditions!
Please note Lauren's microwave from her dorm room on my desk.
The room was the "catch all" of the house.
The below picture makes my skin crawl.
The room wasn't always this barbaric,
but as you can see it was miles away from organized.
The picture below was my inspiration.
I'm very much a shabby chic girl,
and it never works when I try to stray from that.
Even if I like the look of other neater styles.
I had a budget of $0 for my makeover,
so other then paint and some fabric
I have spent next to nothing on the project.
I liked the way this room was a mosh posh of furniture,
which is exactly what I had to work with.

Below is my room.
And I love it!

Paper storage which is a rack for horizontal storage.
It was the very bane of my existence.
So I put it on it's side and I now have vertical paper storage.
It's a little harsh looking in my "soft" looking room, but it works well, and creates a nice space for putting more supplies on top of it.

The bird cage I got at a yard sale well over a year ago.
I put Christmas lights, and an ornament bird in it.
CD rack that I got at the same yard sale as the bird cage.
I've mounted it to the wall, and for now am using it to display
mini scrapbook albums.
It's purpose may change.

Craft magazine storage.
I really don't like my printer there, but I have no idea where to put it.

Plastic pink table cloth, with pretty cream and tan print fabric,
all topped with a clear plastic.
Looks pretty, but it was inexpensive and easy to keep clean.
AND it hides all the storage bins under the tables.
Kissing balls I made, but they are to heavy to hang from the ceiling with a thumb tack.
So I need to get something more heavy duty to hang them in the corner over the tables.
I still have more ideas for the room. I want a wire hanging on the wall so I can display artwork. And I'm sure more banners to hang, because that's my "thing" right now. I also have a large wood CD holder that I'm painting cream. I use it to store all my stamps. I just have NO idea where I will put it.

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