Saturday, July 30, 2011

Craftroom Style

I'm VERY blessed to have a room that is just mine for crafting!
The room has gone through an evolution of uses, starting with a guestroom, a preschool classroom, an office, and now (for many years) is my craftroom.
It has a few layers of paint on the walls, miss matched furniture
(mostly from the Salvation Army), and NO style of it's own.
Every time I sit in there I think to myself, "self.... this room needs help!"
Then I answer myself, "self... are you crazy?
This would be a nightmare to re-decorate... it's so full of your stuff!"
That added to the fact that I just can't decide on a color or feel for the room.
So today I've sat with my computer and looked at other rooms
(mostly craftrooms) and tried to find my craftroom's style.
I can't. So I've posted some pictures below that I love...
I've made some brief comments under the picture as to why I love it.
PLEASE... help me with your opinions and ideas.

I love the soft neutrals of this room.
That along with the miss matched furniture makes it seem reachable for me....
and it looks good kinda messy! I really like this look (for a craftroom)

Also like the soft colors here, it seems much neater, and the walls are white.

I like the all white of this room.
I LOVE color so I'm not sure what it is that I like.
Maybe the way the red pops, and you could easily change your accent color.
MMM pink! I LOVE pink, and this soft pink is very pleasing to me.
The shabby chic look is so me.

This has the same soft look.

I grouped the two of these together. I LOVE pink and black, and the more elegant look.

I'm in love with the colors, and the feel of the room.
I just worry that it would be limiting with such a light color.
And would look messy with all my stuff.
Same as the one above. How would my messy craft stuff look in such a beautiful space?

I don't like this blue as much,
but it seems like it's more accepting of the bright colors in the room.

I like this kinda beachy look.

Black and whit are always good, and you can add an accent color on a whim.
LOVE it... but don't think I could keep it looking that great.

I LOVE this color of green.... would I sicken of it? Possibly.

Here's a softer green that I really like.... I LOVE green.
More green

and even more green! Did I tell you I like green?
I just covet this paper.... I want this storage system.

So please offer your thoughts. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I love love love the new Close To My Heart papers....
and my favorite pack is called Mischief. All the Background and Texture papers are now cardstalk weight.
This makes it perfect when layering, and cutting with your Cricut machine.
I won a pack of the Mischief paper at convention
and have been itching to make something with it.
Here's what I came up with:

My only complaint about the new Background and Texture paper is that both side have such beautiful patterns, it makes it really hard to glue one side down. I can see that my paper addiction is going to get much worse.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Close To My Heart Special

(five products to choose from).
Because everyone loves more bang for the buck!

July 2011 is almost over! Don't miss it.
Click on the above picture to jump on over to my CTMH website
and get your paper for only $1.00

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Close To My Heart Convention 2011

What an amazing time we are having at the happiest place on earth... Disneyland!
I can't imagine a better match then Disney and Close To My Heart. We've had a most amazingly magical week, and it's been practically perfect in every way.
As always Close To My Heart is the pulse of the industry and has added some amazing new products to our line, so many that I can't even begin to tell you about them right now,
BUT I will tell you my very most favorite. (drum rolllllllll)
Close To My Heart has come out with their very own exclusive Cricut cartridge!
This truly is a dream come true for me... a lover of Close To My Heart & my Cricut.
Be sure to stay tuned for more exciting news from
convention, but for now I'll show you some of the highlights.