Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dog Memory Wall

I've been wanting to do this project for YEARS.
I LOVE dogs! I LOVE them and always have a small pack running around my home. Anyone who's ever loved a dog knows how hard it is when one of them dies. I always keep their collars because, for me, they hold all the memories of that dog.
I've also kept the muzzles that my retired racing Greyhounds came off the track with, along with the plastic racing collar... for me it's a reminder of what that dogs past was, and to give them just one more hug each day.
All these memories have been hanging on a peg board in my laundry room, but I really wanted them to be part of memory wall.
The new memory wall is still in my laundry room, but now it's a display that brings back lots and lots of happy memories every time I walk into the room.

Autumn and Bear (Greyhounds)
Cresta (Greyhound)
I used the Close To My Heart Cricut Cartridge (Art Philosophy) to cut the file top tabs. Printed the dogs names on the tabs and attached them to chipboard coasters. I modge podged to attach the dogs pictures to the front of the coasters, I also applied two coats of modge podge to the front of the photos to help protect them. The jump rings are just attached with hot glue and make them easy to hang with just a tack from the wall.

It's not a piece of art, but it makes me smile.

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