Monday, March 28, 2011

Great Finds.. but now I need some ideas.

So this morning I was trolling around my local Salvation Army store (it's what I like to do on Monday) and I feel like I hit the jackpot.
I've been looking for something to store CD's on for months and haven't found anything I like.... until today! I was thinking about painting it an antique white, but my BFF Erin thinks I should leave it black, now I'm torn.
I'm also always on the hunt for used terracotta pots for my pond landscaping... found terracotta and a green one and a pretty white one!
AND I found this UGLY dart board cabinet (cock and fox) that I see wonderful opportunity for.
Behold... my $30 haul.
Pots and cool (ugly) candle stick thingy that will look good as a pond accent.
And the super ugly table that I think will just stay ugly under a table cloth in Savanna's room. She's been needing a table just this size for her TV.

I'm seeing chalkboard paint, cute cabinet knobs... lots of possibility.
Any inspired ideas you have with my haul would be appreciated. I am full of fear, yet so excited to spruce all this up... I need suggestions.

In search for inspiration I've linked to:

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  1. I'm a little scared to come home!!! It looks like you have been getting a lot of weird stuff...