Sunday, March 6, 2011

Scott's Studio

I thought I'd post something about my wonderful "sorta crafty" husband.
Scott has converted our old mini dairy goat barn into his "shop" or what I like to refer to as his STUDIO.
He has been on a birdhouse making kick. For Christmas he made me a few birdhouses and some feeders that I love. He knows how to make me happy! I'm a backyard bird watcher and
we've been working on our backyard for a couple of years trying to create a bird haven. Last summer we really got to enjoy all our hard work with a beautiful yard full of birds. I think sitting on my back porch watching the world go by is the one thing I miss about summer.

Early this morning, when it was just breezy and not full on windy Scott and I went out and cleaned out all the nesting boxes along our fence line. Last year we waited to long and birds were already nesting in them... so we were sure to get out early this spring and dump out all the old nests so they can start this year with clean houses. I never think we have to many bird houses until it's time for spring cleaning. We really have a LOT!
The picture below will give you an idea of our nesting box fence line. Notice Gabby patrolling the boarder.
The rest of the day Scott has big plans of making some bluebird houses (we've both seen a few Rocky Mountain Bluebirds already this spring) and a bunch of nesting shelves for birds that don't like a house to put under the veranda.
You know he's in his studio when you can hear the sound of music mixed with power tools.
The artist at work
Cute license plate birdhouses he made last spring. I got him dozens of plates from all over from work. He's thinking about selling these house.
The barn isn't decorated with hanging flowers, we just store them in there in the winter.
I'm so happy he has his own studio, I could NEVER work in those messy conditions!

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