Saturday, February 19, 2011

The closet of shame

I have this wonderful walk-in closet in my craft-room. It's floor to ceiling (10 foot ceiling) shelving. It use to be my "teacher closet" when I was teaching, but now all the really good teacher stuff that I can't part with has moved to the tip top shelf. I know this closet will never look like a "catalog closet", but it sure is nice when I can walk into it and find what I need. Here are some very scary pictures of the closet before I cleaned it up a little this weekend.
Raleigh wondering why the door to the closet wont even open.
It's the catch all closet
So what in the world is in there?
Three bags of trash and some boxes...
Bags Bags and more bags... I think I might be a bag hound.

It's far from clean... But I can at least walk in and find stuff.

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