Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Journal/ Note Holder/ Bible Study Notes

While sitting in church a couple weeks ago my mind started to wander (it happens sometimes) about making a cute cover for the tablet I take notes on during Bible study. Then it wandered to... I could make them for Lauren and Savanna too.... then... They would be cute Easter gifts for my mother and sister.... then.... I bet my co-worker Jill would like one to contain all the notes she's continually writing.
I have about 8 of them made from different papers and in various states of being done. I want to get Jill's done today because we've had a long week at work and I know it will cheer her up. I'll post more pictures when I get the rest of them done.
Front with matching pen
Back cover
Inside, pen in it's ribbon loop.
Front cover, ribbon used to tie it shut.

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