Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Cricut Swarm

Erin and I went to our first Cricut Swarm yesterday. We had a great time together, and the time just flew by. We didn't know what to expect so of course... as always.... we over packed, and had way to much "stuff" with us.
Below are pictures of a few of the things we made:
Cute cute cute... Wild Thing
The layout below was part of a contest to see who could make something... anything with a few supplies that were given to us. You could add anything to it that you wanted, but had to use the supplies that were given to you, and something had to be cut out by the Cricut. I had a number of things go wrong, so I didn't finish in the time allotted, but I did finish it when I got home.
I made this for my daughter's dog Gabby.
The great thing was that Erin won (wish I had taken a picture of her scrapbook page)! She got a new really cute Cricut cartridge.

These are a few of the Valentines from the swap.
Erin and I with one of the projects we made.
Erin working the Cricut.... work it.... work it
I had a terrible accident with one of the Cricut tools, even causing my finger to bleed. I insisted that Erin give me some sympathy. (It did require a band aide after all.)
My name was drawn for a prize.... and lucky me it was the prize I had my eye on.
The Pagoda Pagode cartridge. It's one that's on my "want list". I was so HAPPY!
What a great day, nothing better then my dear friend Erin, and a Cricut!

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